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Velkommen til fjells (Welcome to the mountains)!

I am excited to share that, after a 4-month application process, an excruciating waiting game, and a paperwork blizzard, my residence permit has been approved, and I will be living and working in Norway for the next six months!

As a Communications and Outreach Specialist at a traditional mountain lodge called Hakkesetstølen Fjellstugu og Hytter, I will be utilizing various communication tools in order to increase visitors to Hakkesetstølen and to help tell the story of this small, family-owned business located in Geilo, Norway.

Geilo is a vibrant mountain village located between Norway's two largest cities, Oslo and Bergen, in a traditional region of the country called Hallingdal. This popular ski destination is a stop on the Bergen Line, the train route between Oslo and Bergen, known as one of Europe's most beautiful train journeys.

I am grateful to what has felt like a small army of folks supporting me in this process. In particular, Tone Haga Bühler, who has become a dear friend ever since I first WWOOFed at her farm back in 2016, her farm for a month back in 2016, when I was seeking solitude and healing in the woods of Norway. To Christer Hadland for his support, friendship and encouragement. And to Torild Hakkeset, my new supervisor and owner of Hakkesetstølen, who has been so patient as we have had to navigate the extra hoops that come with hiring a U.S. citizen (and there are MANY).

More to come soon. This has been an exhausting, frustrating process (complete with a rejection and appeal), and it will take some time for this news to settle in. As my close friends and family know, this has been a battle filled with so many ups and downs. I have prepared myself to go home so many times, and haven't fully unpacked my suitcase since I arrived in Norway at the end of September.

I have been fighting so damn hard for this. And this is only a six-month residence permit. If I want to stay in Norway beyond that time, I will need to have another work permit lined up. One step at a time...

I've got lots more to share about this role and this magical place, but am still in processing mode.

In the meantime, here are some trip-planning resources: ;)



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